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We, Hidden Talent Community Theatre, believe in providing an outlet for community members with a mutual love of musical theatre to share their skills and talents with each other and the community. We are composed of a skilled team of directors who have fresh new ideas and are ready to drive the actors to their full potential. The actors and actresses in each summer production will experience challenges which will allow them to reach higher, feel accepted as individuals, and join together for a common goal: To connect for a purpose greater than themselves. Patrons to each summer show will experience a high standered of entertainment, exemplifying the actors hard work and diligence. We promise to present you with a spectacular performance full of enthusiasm and excitement.
"I would like, if I can, to broaden the possibilities of musical theater. I think there's a better 'Oklahoma!' someplace, a better 'West Side Story.' And I'd like to be mixed up in it."

Richard Rodgers