We are proud to announce that Hidden Talent’s Summer 2018 show will be “Guys and Dolls”! More information regarding Auditions will be posted very soon on both our website and our social media accounts. Follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates as we have many exciting events planned for our Summer Season!

Fundraising Opportunity


          I have recently been contacted by a kind gentleman about a possible opportunity for us to make some extra cash for HTCT. Macy's in the mall in state college is looking for a group of singers to sing some Christmas carols for an hour or two. If we can do this they will donate some money to HTCT which we will use on our next one/two productions. This helps to reduce the amount of fundraising we need to do throughout the year. I know it's very short notice but please let me know if you can come. I plan on being there the entire time. Even if you can only come for a little please let me know.

                  -Thanks, Zach and the HTCT Staff. 


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As a newly formed non-profit community theatre, Hidden Talents’ goal is to provide an outlet for talented community members young and old to come together and share their passion for the performing arts with members of their community. Our goal is to produce one summer show annually, which so far has proven to be a success as we plan to put on our second show this summer. We encourage and invite all local community members to audition for the show or participate otherwise in our crew, instrumental pit, or anything else you feel can be brought to the table. As a volunteer and non-profit organization, all proceeds brought in through fundraising, productions, and member dues go directly into the cost of the show (Costumes, Sets, Props, Performing Space, Advertising, etc.)
CONTACT US:         [email protected]